July 12, 2006

The Wonder Years DVD

wonder years dvdThe Wonder years was aired on television in January 31 1988 – 1993. The Television series was been up for five years. Starring Fred Savage as “Kevin Arnold”. An adult, flashing back his memories during his childhood to adolescence period. As he faces his challenges on his everyday life with a help from his best friend, Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano). Together with his childhood sweetheart Winnie Cooper (Danica Mc Kellar) help spiced up the story. Winnie was Kevin’s first kiss that made Winnie unforgettable for Kevin. Norma (Alley Mills) as Kevin’s loving and caring mother, everyday she make sure that her family is properly fed and providing them what they need. She acts as an ideal mother for Kevin who always listens to his problem.

Jack (Dan Lauria) as Kevin’s strict father. Jack loves his children so much, especially Karen. There are times that Jack and Karen fight about being rebellious and doing things that Karen love’s and hated by jack. Jack only wants for his children to have a good life. Jack served the military during the Korean War. He then loves his family so much.

Karen (Olivia D’Abo) as Kevin’s sister, she joined the group of hippies, she believes in Freedom in general, drugs and sex. This made her father against her. She ran away with her boyfriend and later at the last episode, she came back home pregnant. Wayne (Jason Harvey), as Kevin’s brother. Wayne loves to ruin Kevin’s life. His sole mission is to make Kevin’s life miserable.

The Moral lesson for this series is that whatever happens, you can always depend on your family, especially during crisis. Even though you’ve made a mistake, remember that there is always room for forgiveness and acceptance. This lesson can relate to Karen, when she ran away she only think and do what is right and what she wants. After she realized what she’s been doing, she ended up pregnant and then came back to her family.This series mostly relate us from our experiences. The friendship we’ve shared, the first love we’ve encountered. Life is short, live life to the fullest and treasure all of the memories. For this may only be our companion in life…

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