July 13, 2006

Perry Mason DVD

Perry Mason DVD
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason a fictional defense attorney, who always breakdown the guiltiness of the suspect of a crime and murder. Perry Mason is one of the great mystery show ever released on television. So grab your copy now of The Perry Mason. Episode list per volume:

Vol 1: Case of Restless Redhead (1957), Case of Baited Hook (1957), Case of Prodigal Parents (1958).

Vol 2: Case of Empty Tin (1958), Case of Silent Partner (1957), Case of Crooked Handle (1957).

Vol 3: Case of Calendar Girl (1959), Case of Blushing Pearl (1959), case of Fraudulent Photo (1959), Case of Terrified Typist (1958).

Vol 4: Case of Stuttering Bishop (1959), Case of Purple Woman (1958), Case of Caretaker's Cat (1959).

Vol 5: Case of Black-Eyed Blond (1958), Case of Nervous Accomplice (1957), Case of One-Eyed Witness (1958).

Vol 6: Case of Runaway Corpse (1957), Case of Gilded Lily (1958), Case of Demure Defendant (1958).

Vol 7: Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma (1959), Case of Sleepwalker's Niece (1957), Case of Sulky Girl (1957).

Vol 8: Case of the Green-Eyed Sister (1958), Case of Desperate Daughter (1958), Case of Unwelcome Bride (1961).

Vol 9: Case of Mystified Miner (1962), case of Mythical Monkey (1960), Case of Bogus Books (1962).V

Vol 10: Case of Angry Mourner (1957), case of Daring decoy (1958), Case of Lazy Lover (1958).

Vol 11: Case of Jaded Joker (1959), Case of Cowardly Lion (1961), Case of Violent Vest (1961).

Vol 12: Case of Angry Astronaut (1962), Case of Dodging Domino (1962), Case of Bartered Bikini (1959).

Vol 13: Case of Singing Skirt (1960), Case of Prudent Prosecutor (1960), Case of Treacherous Toupee (1960).

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