July 13, 2006

Land of the Giants DVD

Land of the Giants was premiered September 22, 1968. Seven very small people in a very large world. Seven Earthlings had been on a suborbital flight from the U.S. to London in the mid 1980's when their craft was drawn into a "space warp". Landed on a planet of which every thing is 12 times bigger that a normal size. They must find a way to go back to the earth. Land of the Giants is a Science-Fiction, Action and Adventure series. Starring Don Marshall as Dan Erickson, Deanna Lund as Valerie Ames Scott, Heather Young as Betty Hamilton, Gary Conway as Captain Steve Burton, Stefan Arngrim as Barry Lockridge, Don Matheson as Mark Wilson and Kurt Kasznar as Commander Alexander B. Fitzhugh.

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