July 12, 2006

ThirtySomething DVD

thirtysomethingThirtysomething was aired on Television in ABC, September 1, 1987. A series about a group of young urban professional. Focusing their professional and domestic lives. Produced by Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. Nominated and winner of an Emmy Award in the category of “Best Drama Series in 1988.The title thirty something is referring to the age of the characters played by Ken Olin as Michael Steadman and Mel Harris as Hope Murdoch Steadman. The title was written in one word (togetherness) in a lower case. “Real life is an acquired taste” it was the network promo of the series. The makers explored the boundaries between verisimilitude and soap operatic, of melodrama and realism.

Living on Philadelphia, Michael with a liberal Jewish background was an advertising copywriter and married to Hope, a part time social worker and a full time mother. Together with his best friend Elliot a graphic artist they run the ad agency. Gary, another Michael’s best friend is trying to get on with his womanizing life, getting over the affair he had with Melissa, the cousin of Michael.Gary was teaching English at Liberal Arts College, and Melissa was a freelance photographer. Ellyn was a career executive in the city government and was Hope best friend.
Starring Ken Olin as "Michael Steadman", Mel Harris as "Hope Murdoch Steadman", Timothy Bustfeild as "Elliot Weston", Patricia Wettig as "Nancy Krigger Weston", Melanie Mayron as "Melissa Steadman" and many more...

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