July 11, 2006

Twin Peaks DVD

twin peaks
Twin Peaks was premiered on television April 8, 1990. Twin Peaks was created by film director David Lynch (Blue Velvet) and writer Mark Frost (Hill Street Blues). Twin Peaks was a Drama and Soap series. Starring Kyle MacLachlanas as FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

Pete Martell noticed a body firmly covered on a sheet of clear plastic. It was the body of Laura Palmer, the homecoming queen and the town's most popular girl. The news was spread to the town's residents, who react in different ways. Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. Cooper’s preliminary investigation of Laura's body discovered a tiny typed letter 'R' inserted under her fingernail.

Cooper distinguishes this as the "Trade Mark" of a killer who murdered Teresa Banks a year earlier in the close town of Deer Meadow. Cooper quickly proves that Laura's personality and affairs are not as they first appear; believing Laura Palmer is a wholesome homecoming queen. Laura had been two-timing her boyfriend Bobby Briggs with James Hurley that only Donna Hayward knows about it. Donna Hayward was the best friend of Laura Palmer. Cooper found a mark of cocaine in Laura's diary, a habit she shared with Bobby.

Cooper Found out that Laura had also been working as a prostitute sometimes based at the club One-Eyed Jacks. Cooper then experiences the first in a series of strange dreams, in which he visits the enigmatic Red Room. Cooper met a very small man from another Place, Also the trapped spirit of Laura Palmer, who whispers into his ear the name of her killer. But every time that cooper awakes, he cannot remember the name of the killer.

As Cooper investigates deeper into the dirty secret life of Laura Palmer, He Discover that Laura Palmer was abused by a man called BOB. Laura was raped by him and in order to escape from him, she used drugs and prostitutes herself. BOB, who is in fact an evil spirit.

Cooper stays in Twin Peaks for a while longer. Cooper was framed for drug trafficking and Cooper was temporarily suspended from the FBI. After he was cleared of the charges, Cooper went back to Twin Peaks.Cooper continues to try to track down the origins of BOB and learns more about the mysteries of the dark woods surrounding Twin Peaks.

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