July 13, 2006

The Green Hornet DVD

The Green Hornet was premiered September 9, 1966. Starring Brit Reid (Van Williams) as the Green Hornet. Brit Reid was the owner and publisher of The Daily Sentinel. His dual identity known only to his secretary and to the District Attorney. And now, to protect the rights and lives of decent citizens rides the Green Hornet!” Featuring his faithful valet, Kato a kung fu expert (Bruce Lee – legendary martial arts expert.).Green Hornet is an action and adventure series.


Odo said...

Interesting. I didn't know the Hornet was available on DVD. Is this a legit DVD or made from old video tapes?

iLuVClassics said...

i have seen amd purchased a few different copies all varying in quality off ebay and some other sites. the last copy i purchased was the best by far you can order from www.thevintageplayhouse.com they also have some other titles of interest as well.

Macaria said...

I will saw the legit DVD.I don.t know it is made from old DVD.
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