July 11, 2006

Third Watch DVD

third watch
Third Watch was premiered September 23, 1999. Third watch is an Action, adventure and drama series. Third Watch was nominated for a People’s Choice Award (Best New Drama Series).

Filmed in New York City, starring Chris Bauer (“61*”) Nia Long (“Big Mamma’s House”), Anthony Ruivivar (“Starship Troopers”), Coby Bell (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”), Molly Price (“Pushing Tin”), Kim Raver (“Trinity”), Skipp Sudduth (“Ronin”), Jason Wiles (“Beverly Hills, 90210”), Tia Texada (“Nurse Betty”), and Bonnie Dennison (NBC’s “Law & Order”).

The 55th Precinct put in a full day’s work in each shift. Maurice “Bosco” Boscorelli’s (Wiles) often flashes a glory-hungry “supercop” mentality that threatens his longtime relationship with Faith Yokas (Price), who is constantly trying to organize her role as a cop, a mother to her son and conflicted teenaged daughter Emily (Dennison) -- and be a wife to husband Fred (Bauer).

Bosco’s flamboyant law-officer style also doesn’t go over well with the streetwise expert cop John “Sully” Sullivan (Sudduth) who struggle with many devastating inner torment while working with his young, fervent partner.

Ty Davis (Bell), the son of his ex partner who was assassinated in the line of duty.
Hot-headed undercover detective Cruz (Texada) bends the rules in her casework while Officer Monroe (Nia Long) is a neophyte cop to the police quarters.

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