October 11, 2006

The Six Million Dollar Man DVD

The six Million Dollar man was aired on Television in January 18, 1974. Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin, an Ace Test Pilot who was brought back into life after his ship crashed. Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin Balsam), a Scientist who constructed Steve Austin and became a super human. The Government Decided to rebuild him, believing that they have the right technology.

Dr. Rudy Wells constructed Steve Austin by the advance technology. The construction gave Steve Austin a super human strength and super human speed. He realized that mostly his body parts were made of cybernetic parts. This Operation in totality caused six million dollar. And so this is the reason why he was called as the six million dollar man.

In order to repay the government, he worked as a secret agent of OSI under Oscar Goldman. At first Oscar Goldman was the one who insist to Steve Austin to work as a secret agent to use his super human power to fight the mad scientist, alien and to fight the enemies who were against the government and has a mission to destroy the world.

Michael, an Air force pilot he was only Steve Austin’s son. Austin never seen Michael since his wife died. Michael was also the reason for the decision of Steve to work as a secret agent. Steve worked as a secret agent in exchange of Michaels operation because of the accident of plane crashed.

Jamie Summer, Steve Austin old girlfriend. He then met again Jamie and has not yet gotten his feelings on her. He still wanted to continue his feelings but a bit afraid for his acceptance of his past and on what he is now.

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